432 Fashion Way
Burlington, WA 98233
(360) 757-8888

Contact Us

Contact Us

432 Fashion Way, Burlington, Washington 98233. Telephone: (360) 757-8888 | Fax: (360) 757-8829 We’re located at The Outlet Shoppes at Burlington in Burlington, WA.
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Guest Services/ Front Desk

Executive Director Cate Anderson (360) 770-9746 (mobile)

Director of Education Angela Freeman

Museum Explorers Preschool Director and Teacher Jenny O’Brien

Merchandise Coordinator Madison Melcher & Anna Holm
Web Administrator  Kate Simmons
Grants, Marketing & Special Programs Kate Simmons
Membership Coordinator Elizabeth Chandler
Party Coordinator Anya Hazelrigg
Curriculum Development Emily VanderHaak
Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Jenny O’Brien & Lynda Clements
Fun & Learning Facilitators Mariah Yanko & Kaitlyn Webster

Membership and Guest Services Email

Facilities, Maintenance & Exhibits Coordinator Brian Anderson

Baker the Bear

My name is Baker the Bear.  I am the Official Museum Bear.  Accept no substitutes.  I have lived in the Museum since 2009 and work closely with the Museum staff.  I am knowledgeable in the daily goings-on of the Museum.  I love being hugged by the children who come to play.  Sometimes they even include me in their play. But I am not only here for the children.  When the lights go out and the children go home, I stand guard to make sure Marvin and Bernice, the red-eared slider turtles, don’t get out of hand making crafts in the Art Studio.  And despite lacking opposable thumbs, I am proficient at typing.  Grown-ups can follow my tweets and status updates for the inside scoop on the Museum and interact with me online.