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Creative Recycling

Creative Recycling Station

These items will be used by children to make amazing creations in the Art Studio:

Plastic and paper bags, spools, corks, film canisters, used CDs/CD cases, paper, cardboard tubes, yarn scraps, ribbon, string, twine, twist ties, fabrics, bubble wrap, electrical or craft wire, dowels, craft tiles, and carpet squares, pieces of wood, sticks, twigs, tree bark, dried fall leaves, seashells, feathers, pebbles and river stones, volcanic rocks, dried flowers, pine cones, acorns, plant seeds, cotton, and hemp strings.*

*Materials not accepted include: Anything glass, pill bottles, computer and television monitors, and anything potentially dangerous to children.

If you have items to donate to the museum, please leave them at the front desk on your next visit.  For large items or quantities, please call ahead.